WIW Interview with Melissa Nkomo, Founder of Kunye(.co)

WIW Interview with Melissa Nkomo, Founder of Kunye(.co)

Can you tell us more about yourself and share your journey to wellness?

I am the founder of Kunye(.co), a modern mindfulness brand, a clinical pilates and yoga instructor, a product developer, meditator, and mama to a little fur baby named Hobbs. Self-exploration is an integral part of my healing journey. I really try to exist in my own energetic field and self-care has been the mechanism I’ve used to develop and maintain that energy field. To me, self-care is the sum of meaningful actions that we take to ground, recharge, and cultivate joy. It’s also a powerful tool of connection. One that increases my capacity for compassion and my ability to support others in the community.

When it comes to health and wellness, tell us more about the important work you're doing?

Kunye has been a project many years in the making. As I have grown and evolved as an individual, Kunye has very much done the same. This is the culmination of my ongoing exploration of my inner, outer, and higher Self. Kunye is a modern mindfulness brand that explores mindful movement and self-care in various forms. We host guided movement sessions in our digital studio as well as curate a collection of tools to help you take care for your inner, outer, and higher self.

Melissa Nkomo of Kunye.co

Can you share the most interesting story that has happened to you along the way?

I honestly can't think of anything overly exciting that has happened along the way but i'm constantly in awe of the capacity we have as humans to grow, learn, and evolve. I think that's the most fascinating thing pursuing a life of wellness has taught me.

Wellness can mean so many different things to so many different people, what does it mean to you?

Wellness is a way of being rather than a static state. Our Well-being is the sum of the meaningful actions we take toward happiness and the more curious we are about ourselves the more accurate we become in selecting the right practices and tools to help us be happy. It truly is a lifelong journey.

Can you share your top 3 wellness hacks that you believe will support people's journey towards happiness and greater well being?

  1. Drink water and get enough sleep
  2. Find a meditation practice that works for you
  3. Be intentional about how you live your life.

Where can we find you?

Instagram @melissa.nkomo | @kunye.co

Website: kunye.co

 Melissa Nkomo of Kunye.co

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