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Marine Collagen - Coconut
Marine Collagen - Wild-berry Hibiscus
Inner Beauty Restorative Powder Rose gold spoon with the ingredient breakdown
Performance Plant Protein
Elixir Trio Set
AphinaElixir Trio Set
Sale price$200.00 CAD
60 reviews
Marine Collagen - Passionfruit Marine Collagen - Passionfruit
Inner Balance Restorative Powder Inner Balance Restorative Powder
Omega Glow Drops Omega Glow Drops
Electric Beauty - Vegas Water Electric Beauty - Vegas Water
Marine Collagen Powder - Unflavoured
Bundle Savings $17.00 CAD
Make Me Glow Bundle Make Me Glow Bundle
AphinaMake Me Glow Bundle
Sale price$140.00 CAD Regular price$157.00 CAD
4 reviews
Bundle Savings $15.00 CAD
Beauty + Brains Bundle
AphinaBeauty + Brains Bundle
Sale price$145.00 CAD Regular price$160.00 CAD
50 reviews
Arouse Me - Cherry Bomb
Bundle Savings $20.00 CAD
Clear Skin Protocol Clear Skin Protocol
AphinaClear Skin Protocol
Sale price$140.00 CAD Regular price$160.00 CAD
83 reviews
Aphina x Bink Water Bottle
Inner Focus Restorative Powder