How Drinking My Coffee Black Helped Me Cut Out Sugar and Reduce Cravings

How Drinking My Coffee Black Helped Me Cut Out Sugar and Reduce Cravings

We’ve mentioned before that caffeine is a top disruptor to your gut, but let’s be honest, who can actually make it through the day without a cup of coffee? With twin boys, not me. I have been drinking lattes since I can remember and have always enjoyed a good flavour in my cup (PSL, am I right?). However, I have been looking for ways to reduce my sugar intake and somehow curb my cravings for ice cream every night. I first started by reducing my coffee creamer to one tablespoon or only 2 pumps of syrup, which was fine but really did nothing to curb my cravings. 

One day we ran out of creamer and I decided to add just a little bit of water to my coffee so it wasn’t as strong, and it actually wasn’t bad. I tried it for a week and suddenly I realized my cravings for other sweets had also completely diminished. Honestly, my coffee is still a little meh but it feels so nice to not have such powerful cravings so, I’m going to keep drinking my coffee black for a little longer and see how I feel long-term. Has anyone else tried to reduce the amount of sugar in their coffee?

Black coffee can seem bitter, strong and not the way to start off the day. But it turns out, that extra bit of sweetness can wreak havoc on the rest of your food consumption and sugar cravings for the day. 

Consuming sugar triggers stronger sugar cravings throughout the rest of the day. Just like fighting fire with fire, neither will trying to cut back on sugar with sugar in your coffee help. Even simulated sugar like stevia or sugar-free options can still have the same effect because your brain is still getting the same chemical reaction of satisfaction as it does with real sugar. 

Okay, but how can you just drink black coffee?


The thought of having to drink your coffee black can be daunting, but trust me, you can do it. If you need to ease into it, start by adding less sugar, less cream or less whatever else you put in there. Take out the sugar altogether and just keep the cream or almond milk and then when you’re ready, sip it just black. 

Your mind and body are very adaptable and once you start drinking it black, you won’t even be able to add the sugar back in - it will seem too sweet. Not starting the day with a kick of sugar not only is healthier but also is the first step towards cutting sugar out altogether. Sugar not only causes cravings for more sugar but also for processed foods, simple carbohydrates and other unhealthy food options. Ice cream every once in a while never hurt anyone, but now it’s just a treat rather than a craving. 

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