Are You Radiant or Resilient, or Both?

Are You Radiant or Resilient, or Both?

Radiance or Resilience – Which One is Right for You?

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between Radiance and Resilience, you’re not alone. Oftentimes we are asked if you should take one over the other, alternate them every other day or use both at the same time. While they both contain unique, powerful and comprehensive blends – high in adaptogens, antioxidants and probiotics – they each provide different benefits and different experiences for different reasons.

So let’s take a moment to talk about why gut-health is so crucial for our skin and body  here’s a short summary:

Disrupted gut flora can lead to a “leaky gut” and wreak havoc on your entire body:

Skin – dry, irritable and inflamed skin, or in more serious cases as acne, rosacea, eczema flare-ups, psoriasis and dermatitis
Body – nutrient deficiencies, food allergies and depleted energy, which when left unchecked can lead to inflammation, reduced immunity and even autoimmune diseases

Your gut is connected to your skin and body in many ways – so if you nourish your gut, you’ll nourish your skin and body – that’s why this deep and powerful connection is key to our overall well-being and why we center our products around our AuraFlora probiotic blend.

Find more on how we nourish, it’s at our core of everything we do.


Radiance – Natural Beauty Tonic

Radiance is specially formulated with powerful super berries that include camu-camu, mangosteen pomegranate, rosehip, schisandra berry and watermelon seeds – all working together to promote healthy, glowing skin from within. While it’s focus is on healing and protecting skin, it’s unique blend of nutrient-dense super foods make this natural beauty tonic an essential part of one's skincare routine.


Radiance Benefits

You might be asking yourself what makes all of these super berries so important for healthy, beautiful skin? Here’s how some of the key ingredients are working their wonders:

Camu camu – with more vitamin C than any other food source on the planet, camu camu reduces inflammation and oxidative stressors to slow and improve the aging process
Mangosteen – its impressive array of essential vitamins, minerals, and rare xanthones combat skin inflammation and improves acne
Pomegranate – one of the top high-antioxidant foods that fight free radicals and oxidative stress to support skin, while its ellagic acid reduces wrinkles and inflammation
Rosehip – great source of vitamin C and nutrients with impressive results reducing wrinkles and fine lines to restore skin moisture, elasticity and youthfulness
Schisandra Berry – complex adaptogenic herb that not only does wonders for the entire body, but also protects the skin from environmental stress, allergic reactions and toxins, while being widely used to improve skin health due to its anti-inflammatory effects
Watermelon Seeds – as one of the most nutrient-dense varieties of seeds, its wide range of benefits improve skin and hair, moisturize skin, retain elasticity, and prevent dullness and early signs of aging

So in summary, you’ll improve subtle skin conditions and more serious ones, you’ll limit natural aging processes, retain elasticity and restore youthfulness, and you’ll notice that your skin feels more healthy, hydrated and radiant. The delicate flavour profile and scent of pomegranate is the icing on the cake of this daily treat for your skin and senses.


Resilience – Nourishing Cleanser & Detoxifier

Resilience is the ultimate greens powder for overall health and wellness with its comprehensive formula that includes alkalizing greens, detoxifying and energizing herbs and beauty boosting nutrients. Its organic green superfoods help nourish and cleanse from the inside-out, while a combination of adaptogens and antioxidants like turmeric, chlorella, milk thistle, dandelion root and holy basil replace many of your energy and immunity-boosting vitamins, as your all-in-one daily supplement.


Resilience Benefits

Here’s just a few of the benefits from key ingredients in this nourishing cleanser & detoxifier:

Chlorella – most green leafy vegetables pale in comparison to the health benefits of chlorella, which boasts impressive benefits that include overall detoxification, boosting the immune system, promoting skin health, helping with weight loss, and supporting blood sugar and cholesterol level control
Dandelion Root – despite being considered little more than a weed by many, dandelion root has been associated with many benefits, including overall detoxification, improved liver health, and supporting blood sugar and cholesterol level control
Hearty Greens – with broccoli, celery, kale and spinach, this greens powder contains some of the world's healthiest foods with extensive benefits that boost immunity, cleanse and detoxify the body, improve a number of health conditions, keep your skin healthy, preserve cognitive function and so much more
Holy Basil – an adaptogenic herb with powerful therapeutic effects on the body to lower stress, balance hormones, improve respiratory function, oral health and vision
Milk Thistle – commonly used to detoxify the body and promote liver and gallbladder health, it is also used to decrease inflammation and sooth mucous membranes throughout the body
Turmeric – arguably the most powerful herb on the planet, due to its high concentration of curcuminoids, what turmeric does for the body is amazing with benefits that range in everything from combating inflammation, boosting skin health, supporting cholesterol level control and so much more

With over 20 ingredients, it’s hard to imagine how we pack in so much nutrition. Truth is, one nourishing spoonful of Resilience is equivalent to 10x that of your standard 500mg vitamin capsule – could you imagine taking 10 pills a day for the same benefits? To top it all off, it’s naturally flavoured with pineapple and mango, so you can supercharge your health and senses as your own daily escape of tropical paradise.


Radiance or Resilience – Which is it?

No matter your skin, body type, or specific health concerns, Radiance or Resilience (or both!) is for you. Your perfect match comes down to your specific health goals, concerns, personal preference or lifestyle – it’s up to you!

As you can see, Radiance and Resilience can each hold their own, so there is certainly no need to take both at the same time. When you take it for the first time, we would suggest that you listen to your body, use it consistently for the best results and only switch once you’ve used up your month supply. 

There are so many nourishing ways to enjoy the benefits – in case you need some inspiration – here's some of our favourites:

  • Pair with AURA Collagen to boost your nutrient absorption
  • Alternate each day for the overall health of your skin and body
  • Double up your daily dose of Resilience for a stronger cleanse or Radiance for an extra glow 
  • Inner beauty tonic – Enjoy in a cold beverage of your choice
  • Delicious wellness snack – 
    • Add them to your breakfast bowls, fruit salads, smoothies, yogurt and more
    • Combine them with other good-for-you ingredients to make quick, portable snacks, like no-bake energy balls
  • Healthy happy hour – Create your own spirit-free mocktail, mockarini, or mocktini

    If you have any questions or need any help, our virtual door is always open so please get in touch!

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